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About Chula Vista

candy cane

One of the original homes on Candy Cane Lane owned by Fred Davis

Beginning at Christmas time in 1955, the 200 block of Guava Lane in Chula Vista, California became a magical place called Candy Cane Lane.  Christmas decorations consisted of stringing Christmas lights between all palm trees in the front of the 20 homes on Guava Avenue, placing large 8’ wooden candy canes on each of the 44 palm trees lining Guava Avenue with a flood light at the base of each 8’ wooden candy cane.  Each resident was responsible for decorating their individual homes with lights and placing a Christmas theme decorations in the front yard of each home on the block.  All 20 homes annually decorated their homes each year.

The Candy Cane Lane tradition lasted for about 44 consecutive years even when homes changed ownership, the new homeowners to the street always decorated and everyone always joined the enthusiasm that was shared by the neighbors on the block.  The homes were decorated for about 3 weeks every year in December with the last night each season to light up street thru January 1st

My brother Howard was the co-founder of the Candy Cane Lane and I served as President of the Christmas block when I was 11 years old.  Once the block was decorated, an annual large BBQ was held and all the neighbors celebrated the opening of the Christmas decorating season.  It was a wonderful time for all.  The first Saturday after New Years, the street would gather and take the decorations down collectively.  One neighbor volunteered to store all of the lights in their backyard

·        All residents paid their own electrical bills and there were no costs covered by the city, but Candy Cane Lane contributed significantly to the opening of the holiday season for everyone.  Many tour companies brought buses down the street to see the lights and annually over 120,000 cars drove down the street to take in the joyous decorations and Christmas lights.  Many visitors simply  walked the neighborhood to take in all of the holiday spirit and joy.

·        I lived all of my childhood and most of my adult life on this wonderful street and it is great memory throughout the year but especially as we approach the Christmas Holiday .