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_RAE0042_2Jerry Rindone is a candidate for the San Diego County Board of Education, District 2

One size does not fit all; it never has.  Everyone learns at a different rate and in different ways.  Our current educational system was designed to fill the needs of the factory system.  Society has changed and education MUST CHANGE.  We need to focus on redesigning education for the modern world.  To do this, there needs to be a focus on meeting the needs of every student.  This can only happen by encouraging educators to think differently, by exploring alternative methods of instruction which will engage all learners.  Educators must be able to focus on college and career readiness for all students.

What often is missing from education today is instilling in our students the “love of learning”.  We need to foster a desire to be a lifelong learner in all students.  As they mature into adults, this desire will manifest into a passion to improve not only their own lives but improve their workplaces and society.


Jerry Rindone has been elected to the County of San Diego Board of Education – District 2 previously in 2008 and held the position for four years. He is an Experienced Educational Leader with over 40 years as a teacher, administrator, principal and member of the San Diego County Board of Education. He has served the San Diego County Community for 38 years as a Chula Vista City Council Member, a leader with the SANDAG Transportation Committee, the Chamber of Commerce and the Scripps Hospital Board. Jerry’s Commitment to Educational Leadership will bring the Lifelong Experience We Need and the Unquestioned Integrity We Deserve.

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